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Escritorio Asturix

Asturix born in 2008 as an idea of a very very young guy, Luis Iván Cuende.
When Luis Iván was 12 he thought that his region (Asturias, Spain) needed a Linux distribution. This regional distribution grew to achive a international level, and at now Asturix isn’t geographically localized because our software has been installed in more than 20 countries over the world.

Asturix is an open project based on the free culture philosophy. We created awesome products as one of the best operating system whose targets are the innovation, the usability and the stability.


Asturix was the first operating system with facial login. This characteristic make’s Asturix was a reference in development of O.S.


Asturix is based in Ubuntu, one of the most easy to use O.S. You will see that Asturix can be so easy to use like Windows, or more! Also we have a lot of help resources if you have one problem.


Asturix has the Linux kernel, one of the most stable kernel in the world. Forget all the problems of Windows like crashes, the Blue Screen of Death, viruses, etc., because them don’t exist in Asturix!

More projects

The research and development team of Asturix is working in other projects like Asturix People, one of the first direct democracy platform. Now they’re working on the award winning Asturix On project, a next-generation desktop and the first distributed desktop in the world.

As you see, Asturix cares this products to fit their targets. Our current product, Asturix 3, fits with our aims.
We have two versions, Asturix 3 and Asturix 3 Lite, being Lite version appropriate for old computers (you will see how your old computer revives).
In Asturix we want to be forward, so we think that the innovation is very important. We are developing Asturix On, the next generation of environment desktop.
We are going to the future, and you?