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Advanced and ambitious project Asturix On was the clear favorite of the judges in HackNow

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Memorable event, Build 0.7 HackFwd in which Luis Ivan Cuende get recognition for their work and talent among a standing ovation with everyone standing inBerlin between the European elite of technological entrepreneurship.


HackNow Winner Luis Iván Cuende from HackFwd on Vimeo.


On Saturday 17 September 2011 Luis Ivan Cuende attended the event in Berlin HackFwd Build 0.7 and had a special role. Asturix On, distributed web-tech based desktop developped by him  has had a great reception of the audience  that gave him a standing ovation after his brilliantly speech. Your attendance at this event, private and accessible only to the European elite of developers and tech entrepreneurs invited by the prestigious European seed startups HackFwd founded by the famous Lars Hinrichs, has been the main prize for winning the First Edition of HackNow for european developers to eighteen years. Two other awards also consisted of an amount of € 5,000 and a Samsung Android smartphone Galaxy II.

Luis Iván Cuende in HackFwd Buil 0.7 Detailed report of the intervention of Luis Ivan Cuende in HackFwd Build 0.7

 At 9.00 hours  Lars Hinrichs (founder of XING and HackFwd) introduced what was to be a very exciting day with outstanding participants in the agenda: Cennydd Bowles (UK), Marco Pifferi (Italy), Jonas Echterhoff (Germany), Stephan Schmidt (Germany), Luis Iván Cuende (Spain), Werner Vogels (USA) and Tom Hulme (UK) and Jean Paul Schmetz, HackFwd staff member. That is, an event (“Build 0.7″, with the hanstag: # build07) where the spectacular technological entrepreneurship shows all its splendor on a magic moment when London-Berlin axis starts to be very important in the development of startups in Europe.

 A team of great professionals worked in the image, sound, photography, etc.. and all the details with extraordinary precision, at Berlin Kreuzberg Umspannwerk (Ohlau Strasse 43).Luis Iván Cuende at HackFwd Build 0.7

The Organizing team led by Stephanie Gerth, with Jana Von Dach and a great  Mikko Järvenpää  showed how an event can be perfect.  Among the audience  were another people from HackFwd like  David Bizer, Stefan Richter (first row) and others.

The room full of talent had very important and influential people in the audience. So in the front row saw Chris Boos (boosc @), Didier Tranchier (@ Tranchier) and many more like Professor William Latham and the same speaker also Werner Vogels (Amazon vice president), very active all day. Among those attending only Spanish that it is the last “referer” of HackFwd: Josep M. Pujol (3scale) already intervened in the previous meeting: Build06.  After a break coffee spoke twelve selected projects across Europe in a contest, PitchinBerlin, in which each one had eight minutes to present. The jury’s decision at the end of the day. An hour for lunch at the exceptional facilities to some industry recovered from another era where steel was more important than knowledge.

At three o’clock the bell rang and within a minute the room was already full. Mikko made ​​an introduction to HackNow, a programming contest for young people in Europe that aims to find young talent to eighteen years.

Luis Iván Cuende began thanking the entire team of HackFdw both the award and the invitation to this event. He continued with a brief referrence to one of his best known projects, distribution Asturix 3, one of the most innovative. While, on the screen is appearing  the main message of the revolutionary project (Asturix On) with the message “Turn on your desktop. “For five minutes gave an introduction to the new concept distributed web-tech based portable desktop. He continued with the technical explanation of how it works and showed some examples of optimization like the inclusion of a YouTube video with only one line of code. Thanks to powerful but simple technology integrates natively and is simple to use and based on HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. And this is universal. He then spoke of the widgets that are easily installed and run on a secure iframe using HTML5 features interconnected by both Web technologies and synchronized across all devices. He made a reference to the “Framework” of the environment that can run on any platform and even being made ​​a reference to competing systems as it is okay but PhoneGap is directed only to mobile phones which is a problem.

Later he showed a video about working at the display screen elements such as widgets and post-it, windows,… and when there was a small problem on the management of windows on the Mac notebook in which organization was conducting the presentation said “I love Linux.”

He drew the roadmap for the next three months to finish construction of the desktop (now in alpha state) and adapt it to other platforms (currently Linux only) as well as infrastructure work in sync. As a new concept, all doors are open. He opened the floor for questions. The first,  when he started Asturix On. “About three months ago” he replied, which resulted in laughter from the public and even some as Werner Vogels (Amazon) invited him to work with them. Another question about how they could integrate applications natively. Didier Tranchier became interested in daily time used in his work and also asked about his future. Luis Ivan explained that he has to go to school and that takes away quite a while but during the summer can take about eight hours a day. About the future, one of the phrases that most impressed the audience: “My future is … now ” to continue with another:” I want to start a startup in two months. ” He was asked about his friends, his family … He referred to his family, his parents support him even knowing how hard it is being a young entrepreneur in Spain.

Luis Iván Cuende (left) with participants and jury of PitchinBerlinAfter several humorous comments in complete symbiosis between Luis Iván and attendees came time to take the prizes. The main one for Luis Ivan was to be there and  to can share their ideas  with people like him are concerns in the field of technology and strive to carry out their ideas. So his main gift he had it. Lars Hinrichs then went to congratulate Luis Ivan Cuende and the whole audience rose to give the “young Spanish genius” (as he called some in the tweets) a standing ovation in recognition of his merit. Lars finally gave him a huge check 75×43 cm € 5,000.00 named “Luis Ivan Cuende, Asturix On”, issued in Hamburg dated 17.09.2011 and Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy II, which immediately replaced by the model he already had.

Following their respective presentations of Werner Vogels and Tom Hulme came at the end the PitchinBerlin jury’s decision. A session photos and an interview with Mikko to Luis Iván recorded by audio and video equipment to be published later. It was still more on the day. After a ride double decker bus through the streets of Berlin, the group arrived at the downtown hotel and two hours later came back out to a very special local where it held a party in which Luis Ivan could share knowledge and ideas with people very interesting and influential technological entrepreneurship in Europe.

After listening to Luis Ivan, some interesting thoughts that were left microblogging see, for example, that of Dalibur Jakus: “Most of the boys and girls of fifteen spend hours using FaceBook. Others however are planning the new Facebook. “.

Here are some of the “tweets” that were published during the intervention on #build07  @licuende (Luis Iván Cuende).


@HackFwd (HackFwd) http://hackfwd.com/

@licuende thanks for coming and congratulations again!

@LarsHinrichs (Lars Hinrichs) http://hackfwd.com/

standing ovations for him RT@overdrev: My future ? My future is now .. Says @licuende. 14 year old winner of HackNow. #build07

you are welcomed RT @licuende#build07 was one of the best days of my life. Thanks again. I’ll write an entry about it in my blog soon

@hackfwdtalent (David Bizer) http://www.linkedin.com/in/bizer

wow wow wow. @licuende Just blew me away!!! Coolest 15 year old I’ve seen. Watch this guy do amazing things.

@Werner (Werner Vogels) http://www.allthingsdistributed.com/

winner of HackNow contest (hackers under 18) is 15 year old@licuende who built Distributed Desktop technology His sitehttp://wv.ly/rht6OI

@tahitahi (Tine Thygesen) http://about.me/tinethygesen

Standing applause at HackFwd #build07 from one of europe’s most hardcore dev community to 15year old wonderkid hacker@licuende #respect

@boosc (Chris Boos) http://www.hcboos.net/


15 year-old @licuende won the HackNow contest by programming a distributed (portable and synchable) desktop. #build07http://moby.to/7qm7o5

HackNow winner @licuende took 2 months to write his application. And he wants to get started with his own company ASAP. What a guy. #build07

@licuende I would like to invite you to a dev conference next year on distributed development. If you are interested, let me know. #build07

@Tranchier (Didier Tranchier) http://www.tikimee.com/didiertranchier



Young Geek Genius Luis Ivan Cuende winner of first HackNow -18 European Geek contest #HackFwd#build07http://yfrog.com/j2h18blj

5 000 € Prize for young Spanish genius Luis Ivan Cuende #hacknow #build07#HackFwdhttp://yfrog.com/h6hm2lej

@DanielStocker (Dan Stocker) http://site.wwidd.com/

15 yo @licuende: “It’s hard to be a young entrepreneur in Spain.” #build07

@simplechris (Chris Simpson) http://www.chrissimpson.co.uk/

Just read that 15 year old@licuende won #hacknow at #build07.. What a legend. Congratulations!

@mhauer (Marcus Hauer) http://www.ideo.com/

Impressive #hacknow winner@licuende: 15-year old Spanish hacker gets job offers during presentation at #Build07

@djakus (Dalibor Jakus)

15y old Luis Ivan Cuende winner of first HackNow “My future is now. I’m starting my start-up in 2 month.”#Build07

Most of 15y old are spending hours at FB, others are programming the next FB. Over 300 participants in HackNow contest. #build07

@CarloBlatz (Carlo Blatz) http://www.xing.com/profile/Carlo_Blatz

15y Young Geek Genius Luis Ivan 1th @HackN0w winner makes us look stupid ;) showing ON desktop made in native web technologies #build07

@michuk (Borys Musielak) http://borys.musielak.eu/


Unity team at Ubuntu should take a look at this work by @licuende#build07 http://yfrog.com/h73ikafj

@Michael_Plank (Michael Plank) http://www.michaelplank.com/


Amazing guy! “@Tranchier: 5 000 € Prize for young Spanish genius Luis Ivan Cuende #hacknow#build07 #HackFwdhttp://yfrog.com/h6hm2lej

@berislavlopac (Berislav Lopac) http://cromotion.net/


Winner of the HackNow getting standing ovation at #hackfwd - 15 years old!http://twitpic.com/6m81yf

Ajmo srednjoškolci, ugledajte se na @licuende! :)

@fjgrimault (efji) http://sharypic.com/


Amazing project, winner of the HackNow contest, 15yr!!http://luisivan.net, distributed desktop@Licuendehttp://yfrog.com/me4kuoj

@CapKosmaty (Andrzej Kozlowski) http://www.pro3games.com/

Second that!RT @hackfwdtalent: wow wowCuende hacknow wow. @licuende Just blew me away!!! Coolest 15 year old I’ve seen. Watch this guy do amazing things.

@akberzins (Andris Berzins) http://www.amooz.co/

Love it: “I’m only 15 but i want to create my first startup in 2 months.” @hackfwd #hacknowwinner

@tuxmaniac (Aanjhan Ranganathan) http://www.tuxmaniac.com/

“On a normal day, I have go to school. I hate school” – 15 yr old who won the HackNow competition.#build07http://luisivan.net/

@Justdoitalex (Alex Von Frankenberg) http://www.htgf.de/

15 year old guy from Spain winner of #hacknow presenting cool stugg

@nicolarohrseitz (Nicola Rohrseitz) http://www.vissee.ch/we-are-we-see/index.html

RT @akberzins: Love it: “I’m only 15 but i want to create my first startup in 2 months.” @hackfwd#hacknow winner

@pmoehring (Philipp Moehring) http://www.philippmoehring.de/

@licuende dude you rock.

Agenda del evento:

9am Welcome. Lars Hinrichs

Umspannwerk Kreuzberg. Ohlauer Strasse, 43, 10999 Berlin

9:15am SPARK 0.1 The Things Of The Future. Cennydd Bowles

9:45am SPARK 0.2 Thinking Local. Marco Pifferi

10:15am SPARK 0.3 Title TBA. Jonas Echterhoff

10:45am SPARK 0.4 Title TBA. Stephan Schmidt

11:15am Coffe Break

11:45am PitchinBerlin The top PitchinBerlin Applicants will perform 8 Minutes Pitches

2pm Lunch Break

3pm SPARK 0.5.HackNow Winner Asturix On. Luis Iván Cuende

3:30pm SPARK 0.6.Title TBA. Werner Vogels

4pm Coffe Break

4:30pm SPARK 0.7 Title TBA. Tom Hulme

5pm Jury Decision PitchinBerlin

5:25pm Closing Words Day II. Lars Hinrichs

5:30pm-6pm Geek Time

8pm-2am Dinner & Party Award Build 0.6 Venue TBA


The organization said that in the coming days or weeks it will publish a video of the intervention of Luis Ivan Cuende in HackFwd and a specific interview and photographs of the event made ​​by professionals in the event organization like this http://hackfwd.tumblr.com/post/10517597027/hacknow-winner-luis-ivan-cuende



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