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Asturix Project organises “Young and free culture … ” event sponsored by Cenatic

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Since the launch of Project Asturix Social Enterprise as an association of technology in which one of its main goals is to help young people to take free software, in the wake of its founder and leader thanks to its early discovery and attunementthe spirit of free software is now one of the most popular technology young entrepreneurs in Europe. So, Asturix Project provides the means and support to those people who wish to undertake projects with free software.

Jóvenes y cultura libreThis event aims to raise awareness of young people who want to discover its huge potential and put at the service of others through the philosophy of free culture, trying to change the world currently  premium to the speculators in front of creators. On the other hand, Asturix Project is an environment where the projection may be well known and this will allow more opportunities for professional development as there are thousands of people around the world following our lead and the names of those involved in the projects are always in the credits.

Asturix Project will channel this initiative as the beginning of a hotbed of technology projects for young very young as said our leader. We can not wait 18 years to start making free software, so you really are pioneers in this new addition of the “teenagers” the social enterprise technology. Do not hesitate toreach agreements with other associations that are interested in collaborating.

The event is for young very young, from fourteen years later. The interest mainly as we have said before is awakening curiosity about the self using free source tools. On the other hand, we also would like to join our community young and forming a kind of ”quarry” to ensure free software experts, as if the education system currently does not create, associations like ours can do much for it.

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