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Asturix in the JRO’s install party in Madrid

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Innovation and progress in quality education goes to spread the Free CultureJoin the install party of Colegio Ártica in Madrid with Asturix

Colegio Ártica’s install party with Asturix

Teaching students to choose the most appropriate tools for each task or each time, or person …is so important to the citizens of the future that the team of teachers from the Education Cooperative José Ramón Otero of Madrid has decided to conduct an “install party” popularly known as an event where the party is to spread free culture with practical examples such as the installation of free operating systems (Linux) on computers and help people know more about the freedom they have to choose among thousands of applications that are completely legal and be downloaded from the Internet.

Asturix Project, an association of technology social enterprise whose main mission is to promote Free Culture could not be left out of this initiative. So not only we support it but also we’ll participate actively in it. A team from the Community Asturix will move to the Arctic College coordinated by the leader and founder of Asturix, Luis Ivan Cuende to participate in a talk, in the exposition area and to collaborate in the instalation of Asturix OS in people computers.

 The talk will be to the 13.00 approx. “Asturix 4: desktop innovation with On, “by Luis Iván Cuende in the hall of the Colegio Ártica.

 We’ll deliver a CD with Asturix 4 to all those who install it in the party or bring it installed on your computer.

 Location: Colegio Ártica – C / Los Morales, 25. Madrid – Metro Line 11 (La Peseta)

Date: Saturday, January 28, 2012

Time: 10.30 to 11.00 until 17.00 approx.

Free entrance. More information in http://apuntatealafiesta.com

Arctic College: A party against digital illiteracy

Bringing information and communication systems present to families is a very difficult and painful operation in a society where no one dares to measure digital illiteracy.

The term literacy is not old, you can apply equally to children and adults. Javier Solana told us when he was Minister of Education (1988-1992) “this is a new type of illiteracy: the digital” and that is a hazard that can cause very negative effects on the development of a country. Twenty years later a Minister of Culture (the most unpopular in the history of Spain) said it was with the artists “analog” meaning that penalized those using digital techniques. This is a clear example of social and political evolution of a country with a productivity index parked in the basement and an unemployment rate living in the attic.

 Symptoms of digital illiteracy

When John García Fernández, forty years, marketing director of a company is expressed in phrases like “Please Anne, send me a word with the names of those attending the meeting and an excel with the valuations of the best deals …” this is a typical case of digital illiteracy. John may be licensed, engineer, … is possible he has multiple masters … but has suffered a very skewed education for years in schools that used only a tool of the thousands that were. At his university, more of the same. Ann may be using OpenOffice Writer to draft the document and may send it to John in an open format such as PDF, but John does not speak of “document”, John does not ask for a document open format, perhaps he may not know what that is. And he may have a next generation smartphone working with an operating system based on GNU / Linux and he does not know that he’s using an open source operating system.

When a school is using only one operating system is depriving the students of the enormous wealth of diversity. Are being deprived of knowledge because many of them will leave the center thinking that there isn’t more operating systems. It’s as if we went back many years ago when there was only one TV channel. Imagine coming home and can’t change TV channel, just having one. That’s what happens in most schools in this country, they are using only one channel.


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