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Campus Party Europe, “The Young Entrepeneur”

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Berlin, August 22th, 23th, 24th, 25th.

Luis Iván Cuende (This time the world’s largest technology event held in Berlin, and the site (former airport Tempelhof) is as monumental as the very event itself has been. The Entrepreneurship had its own stage (“Hypatia stage”) and the world’s specialists paraded entrepreneur who came from countries like Germany, Finland, England, Spain, Russia, USA, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, .. . and this time the organization has been successful Futura Networks provide fully with their own space to the world of entrepreneurship, the scenario also happened Luis Iván Cuende (interview) that he had the opportunity to share his experience as a young entrepreneur in his lecture “The Young Entrepenuer ” and marked perhaps the great innovation of this event to incorporate the organization for the first time a speaker under 18. Asturix founder and co-founder of venture Holalabs  is a model for many other young men of his age. Luis Iván spoke about how be an entrepeneur using and creating free software, such as the case with Asturix.

It was attended by personalities like, Yossi Vardi considered the father of the Israeli technological revolution, the writer Paulo Coehlo, or the also famous Sir Tim Berners-Lee (the father of the Internet for their important contributions, html, http, url-), Don Tapscott, and the legendary Jon “Maddog” Hall, president of Linux International explaining how free software is marketed and its close relationship with the entrepeneurship.

Jon By “Hypatia Stage” marched more than twenty speakers over the four days of the event. The four days were organized neatly into a schedule where all aspects of the entrepeneurship were referred from the startups accelerator Wayra (Telefónica), through aspects of investments (Venture Capital), collective investments of “crowfunding” (Seedmatch) , or even social entrepreneurship with typical examples like Ashoka by Jon Camfield.

Some  Community members wore their Asturix’s shirts  like Samuel Landete with a trisquel big in a green shirt purchased through our website.

Luis Iván shared the stage with some well-known entrepreneurs and friends as Alex Barrera (HackFwd mentor) and Olivia Czetwertynsk (who introduced Utopicus Luis Ivan in the event in Madrid Asturix 4 months ago).

Mrs. Kroes with Luis Iván Cuende and Alberto ElíasIn the institutional visit, the European Commission Vice President and head of the European Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes visited and spoke with the young Spanish entrepreneurs Alberto and Luis Ivan Elias Cuende (founders of Holalabs and mentors of Asturix Incubator) who, in a subsequent meal with Ms. Kroes and other institutional representatives had the opportunity to contribute their expertise in new ideas to be put in place to promote entrepreneurship among young people in Europe where countries like Spain with a high percentage of youth unemployment.

In conclusion,  a great event where this time Entrepreneurship shined and established itself as one of the main sections of the Campus Party far more organized and devoted to Future Networks as the company able to organize these events that unite synergies from around the world about technology. Asturix, as almost always attended  one more campus party.


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