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  • Luis Ivan Cuende participates in JICCTBOL 2013

    Asturix's founder and leader, Luis Ivan Cuende participates in the 3th Annual Conference on Research in Computer Science and Telecommunications of Bolivia (JICCTBOL) on 26, 27 and 28 August 2013 in the city of Llallagua (district of Potosi, Bolivia). The School of Computer Engineering of National University Siglo XX will be the site of event and their official website: http://www.informatica-unsxx.edu.bo:8080/jicctbol2013 There is also a Facebook page:

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  • Luis Ivan Cuende at IE Business, Madrid

    Today, 11 Feb, 2013, 17:00 hrs.  Luis Ivan Cuende gave a lecture "I hate wasting time" in IE Entrepeneurship, Madrid. Luis Ivan Cuende is the founder of 3 companies – Asturix (http://asturix.com), Holalabs (http://holalabs.com) and Cardwee – at the juvenile age ...

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  • Asturix Project collaborates with ICT Impulse

    Asturix Project, a technology entrepeneurship partnerships younger and more dynamic in Europe was present at ICT Impulse. After the rapid international expansion of ...

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  • Valencia very important for Asturix again. Luis Iván Cuende participates in the II Business Excellence Forum

    Last year in Valencia happened the beginning of the friendship of Luis Ivan and "Maddog". Because he was able to present Asturix On at the end of his keynote speach. Now Luis Ivan was able to spread his entrepreneurship through the II Business Excellence Forum organized flawlessly by AJE Valencia. The event had a great impact and Cultural and Sport Center La Petxina was filled to the brim. Also spread the news media through the press, ...

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  • Campus Party Quito 2012

    Asturix present again in the world's biggest party technology, the Campus Party, this time in Quito, a city where the technology develops rapidly and becomes for a few days at the center of the technological universe with ...

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  • Campus Party Europe, “The Young Entrepeneur”

    Photo Gallery Berlin, August 22th, 23th, 24th, 25th. This time the world's largest technology event held in Berlin, and the site (former airport Tempelhof) is as monumental as the very event itself has been. The Entrepreneurship had its own stage ("Hypatia stage") and the world's specialists paraded entrepreneur ...

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  • Asturix shines in Montevideo, Avanza 2012, FOSS International Conference

    Photo Gallery On May 9th, 10th and 11th was successfully hosting the First Free and Open Source Software International Conference organized by Antel at Montevideo (Republic of Uruguay) where our leader and founder Luis Ivan Cuende was invited as speaker, along with a group of prominent national and international guests expert in FOSS.

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  • Asturix at the University Francisco de Vitoria

    "Desafío Emprende" is the title of a conference organized at the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (Pozuelo - Madrid) thanks to the ...

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  • Asturix promoting free software in education

    On February 25 Luis Ivan Cuende, leader and creator of Asturix Project helped in teaching a course at Valladolid on migration to free software in schools. The sessions addressed issues such as installation, the solution to common mistakes or free software equivalent to proprietary software. All attendees, teaching professionals in the province Compostela Marista came out excited about the opportunities that free software gives them the revolution and this has for their classes. Another point of the sessions was the presentation of the desktop environment On to the teachers, who seemed a great option for places where usability is as ...

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  • Asturix in the JRO’s install party in Madrid

    Innovation and progress in quality education goes to spread the Free Culture Colegio Ártica's install party with Asturix Teaching students to choose the most appropriate tools for each task or each time, or person ...is so important to ...

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