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  • Asturix 4 released!

    The team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Asturix 4. Some of its features: A new desktop experience. We have developed a new desktop environment to improve usability, productivity and help you stay focused. It just works It has the biggest color palette in the world by default. We signed a partnership with GiveLifeCS so you can enjoy more than 5000 colors when you’re using GIMP, Inkscape or another design apps Previews of all. ...

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  • More than 4,000 downloads Asturix 3 in December from 78 countries and 573 cities

    During the month of December 2011 have been downloaded from the official website of a total of 4283 Asturix iso files from 78 countries and 573 cities among which Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Buenos Aires, Oviedo, Gijon, Valencia, Bogota, Ciudad Victoria, and Murcia  among the top ten. In terms of countries, see the list below to discharges ...

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  • Excellent interview on Radio Parpayuela

    Abigaíl Gómez interview with Luis Iván Cuende for the "Entrepreneurs" Radio Parpayuela. During 24 minutes talking about Asturix On,  HackNow,  HackFwd Buid 07,  Libre Software, Asturix source, etc. Abigail represents the new generation ...

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  • Thanks to all!

    "Thanks to many people who have contributed with your physical presence on November 26, 2011 in La Felguera, and thanks to those who have contributed, in the physical distance in the dissemination and collaboration, thanks to you all this Congress in terms of humble financial means but ...

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  • Warm welcome of Junior Enterprises at Euskalduna, Bilbao, to Asturix’s leader

    Youtube video   -    slides The celebration in Bilbao of the XXVIII National Congress of Junior Enterprises gathered more than 200 junior entrepreneurs from Spain and Europe around the theme "bilbONrocking." This event marks the opening of a new era ...

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