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Asturix Project among the 15 finalists of the Innovation’s area of Campus Party Milenio

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Asturix Project was short listed along with fourteen others more of the area of Innovation among the 600 participating projects from 22 countries of the Mediterranean basin in this special issue of Millennium Campus Party held in Granada from 12th to October 16th, 2011 .

From its beginnings has evolved Asturix always with two basic parameters that support this bold project: innovation and cooperation. Thus started one of the favorites to win the first prize.It was not so because the jury, who said he had been very difficult, ruled in favor of a project for a PhD student at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Belen Rubio, who developed a movements simulation game with the tool Microsoft’s Kinect to provide guidance to those suffering from stroke recovery.This projectis funded by agrant from theMinistry of Scienceand Innovation.

Luis Iván Cuende de Proyecto Asturix durante la presentación en la final de la Campus Party Milenio en Granada el 15 de Octubre 2011During the five minutes of regulation, Luis Ivan Cuende traveled rapidly resume the very rich and talking project from its origins to the final today, where innovation, the creation of portable desktop, a new concept that will benefit millions of people, was awarded in HackNow, a European competition and recently in HackFwd where he presented in Berlin on 17 September 2011.

And cooperation is reflected not only in spreading the free software released through its subprojects (Asturix 3 for savings on computers proprietary licenses;Asturix Lite, to retrieve and update old computers; Asturix People, participatorydemocracy platform digital) but also in creating a hotbed for youth-orientedtechnological enhancement of social entrepreneurship (the first act will be the 26thof November with a conference sponsored by Cenatic: “young and free culture of open source software), as well as development cooperation with countries and other technology needs, as the existing relationship with the University of Havana, mentioned by Luis Ivan during exposure.Luis Iván Cuende de Proyecto Asturix durante la presentación en la final de la Campus Party Milenio en Granada el 15 de Octubre 2011

Eighteen months ago, Luis Ivan Cuende had submitted Asturix to the Campus Party Europe held in Madrid in the Magic Box, and which had been selected as a finalist among the twenty most innovative projects in Europe. On that ocassion the winner was Assier Arranz, who won also in Granada.

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