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Asturix Project, our events:

Presentación de Asturix On en Madrid sala Utopic_US 19-11-11 12,00 horasDay November 19, 2011. Utopic_US , Madrid, Spain. Presentation of Asturix On, the new desktop. Luis Ivan Cuende will present the winning project in the first edition of HackNow in Europe.


Day November 26, 2011. Registered office of the Society of Culture and Celebration “San Pedro” La Felguera-Langreo-Asturias-Spain

I Congress “Youth and Free Culture with open source software”

Congreso Jóvenes y Cultura Libre día 26.11.11 en Langreo-Asturias-Spain




Presentación Asturix 4 en Madrid día 2 de Diciembre 2011December 2, Madrid. Presentation of Asturix 4. Madrid On Rails



Other events involving members of our Dev Team:

11/20/11 Madrid. CaixaForum.10,30 to 14.15 hours. TEDxYouthMadrid. (#youthmadrid @TEDxYoutMadrid).  Luis Iván Cuende as a speaker talk about his passion: Free Software and Entrepreneurship. Expose the keys to success with an audience full of youth. It is the first call of this formula so popular (TEDx) in the world. This time  starts for youngsters up to 20 years. The event was established as the leading global event ever held for young entrepeneurs and takes place in cities around the world and on all continents, including New York, London, Bogotá, Singapore, Adelaide, Berlin, Seoul, Hong Kong, San Diego, Tokyo, Victoria, … Streaming:http://www.livestream.com/tedxyouthmadrid

11-25-11 Bilbao. Palacio Euskalduna. 15,30 horas. 1st bilOnrocking event (#bilbonrocking). XVIII National Congress of Junior Enterprises. Luis Ivan Cuende participates as a speaker at a conference aimed at university and will bring his experience as an young entrepreneur. After founding the  Asturix Community and later  Asturix Project, Luis Ivan is about to launch a company with limited partnership structure with a business partner of 16 years old also (Alberto Elias de Ayala) with advice from CEEI of the Principality of Asturias.