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Congress Objectives

Entrevista de Cenatic al director

Download a banner of 500×150  or another of 241×80 with the link  http://asturix.com/es/events/youth-and-free-culture/ and broadcasts the event. Supports Free Culture.

First Congress “Youth and  Free Culture  with Open Source Software”. 26-11-11 Langreo-Asturias-Spain

- Why is this initiative important?

In a geographical area as Asturias, where the free software hasn’t a presence in institutions and in education we must begin to spread among young people that the Free Culture and Libre Software are essential to become aware of a philosophy that encourages cooperation and is present in virtually all of the milestones current technological innovation.

- Where does the initiative?

It arises from the implementation of Project Asturix as a social entrepeneurship  technology association  in which one of its main goals is to help young people to use free software in the wake of its leader and founder, Luis Ivan Cuende of only 16 years, thanks to its early discovery (to twelve) and attunement to the spirit of free software is now one of the most popular technology young entrepreneurs in Europe. Therefore,  Asturix Project provides the means and support to those young people who wish to undertake projects with free software.

- Does it celebrated other years?

No. This is the first year and hope we can continue celebrating  every year.

- Which results and what changes are on the current?

With no place before this event, we find it difficult to estimate results, but expect it to be a success.

- What is to be achieved?

We intend to draw the attention of young people who want to discover the huge potential and put at the service of others through the philosophy of free culture, trying to change the world currently speculation premium to the creators. On the other hand, Asturix Project is an environment where the projection may be well known and this will allow more opportunities for professional development as there are thousands of people around the world following our lead and the names of those involved in the projects are always in the credits.

- What problems have you had?

The main problem is the educational system in which very few teachers know what culture is free and open source software, therefore, does not transmit to their students these skills so necessary today. On the other hand the administration almost always looks away when you hear something about free culture. In Asturias, the whole history of free software begins and ends with a Framework was released and no one knows the street. Today is much better known independent distribution Asturix, our flagship, but rarely broadcast institutions and support our initiatives.

- Who has supported more?

The people of Langreo, where we have domiciled the association is  where more support we have. On the one hand Valnalón support is extremely important to us, and also by the love and respect of some associations with whom we have a very active relationship like Langreanos in the World or the Society of Cultural and Celebrations San Pedro, La Felguera. On the other hand the Mayor is the only person with a political office that has an interest in our project. Langreo Radio also echoes almost always all our achievements.

- Are there future plans for the initiative?

Of course, we hope that this initiative of Asturix Project will be as the beginning of a hotbed of technology projects for young very young as said our leader. We can not wait till 18 years old to start making free software, so we are really pioneers in this new addition of the incorporation of  teenagers to the social entrepeneur technology. If it is neccesary we shall to reach agreements with other organizations such as Ashoka, Something Better…

- What is the target audience and what is the interest?

It is aimed at very young youth, from fifteen years later. The interest mainly as we have said before is awakening curiosity about the self using open source tools. On the other hand, we also would like to join our community young and forming a kind of “quarry” to ensure free software experts, as if the education system currently does not create, associations like ours can do much for it.

-Tell us any anecdotes (funny) about the project

Actually the idea of ​​the project came in the “Youth International Meetings Cabueñes 2011″ held in Gijón in September, in a report by Luis Ivan Cuende, “Young to the crisis” within the intervention Changemakers Ashoka’s Youth (three recordings Youtube). At one point the speaker, the first under 18 years in the history of these meetings went on to say that really, if a person considered young aged between 18 and 35 years, what I am?. After his speech there was an interesting debate about the disastrous results of our educational system in the entrepreneurship with the young very young, hence the idea of doing something to them, where they were protagonists and not feel discriminated against.

Cenatic interview (Dissemination Area) Luis Miguel Cuende, director of the congress, on October 6, 2011.