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Asturix Incubator: Giving support to the youngest tech entrepreneurs

We love entrepreneurs. Specially the youngest ones.

They’re crazy enough to work for free, to learn something new every day.

But we saw that there’s a huge problem with young entrepreneurs. Young entrepreneurs are not taken seriously. In most situations, if you are under age, you don’t exist.

Asturix Incubator has born to give youngest technological entrepreneurs the chance to have real resources to start real projects.

Asturix is an open project. It’s your project. It’s simple: we give you the tools, and you build something big with it.

Is it free?

Of course it is. No fees at all.

What’s the process to apply?

Read the bases, then fill up the form.
We’ll reply you in 72 hours.
If your project is accepted, a mentor will be assigned to you and we will setup your account in our servers.

What about the mentors?

Right now the mentors are Luis Iván Cuende (founder of Asturix and cofounder of Holalabs), Alberto Elías (organizer of GDG Murcia cofounder of Holalabs), Jaime Bravo (writer, economist and HR at Asturix), Xandru Cancelas (CMO of Asturix), Jorge Izquierdo (iOS developer, wannabe entrepreneur and dreamer), Joaquim Moncanut (delegate of programming of Asturix) and Oscar Fuente (Founder of Sales Area, Iberestudios and Edutech in LatAm. Seedrocket mentor and partner at Brandrain, Palbin, Erreqerre.net, infantium and Reallylatebooking). Depending on your needs we’ll assign you a mentor. You can ask to be tutored by a mentor specifically if you want.
Have in mind that mentors will help you and give you pieces of advice, but they will not build your project – that’s your mission.
More mentors will be added soon

Why are you doing it?

We would have liked to have something like this when we started our projects.
When you’re under age nobody takes you seriously. We are trying to solve that helping the youngest entrepreneurs launch their projects.

I have not been accepted! Why??

Maybe we are out of resources or mentors.
Maybe your project doesn’t match the kind of projects we’re looking for.
We’ll provide you some information and feedback if you are not accepted.