Ā«Turn On your desktopĀ»


A small list of FAQ

What? Just with web technologies???

Yes. It has a small C++ base that does all the magic. It makes as a bridge between native code and Javascript.

Can I run it in the cloud?

No at now. But it's in the to do list. In the future, you will should be able to use On in your computer or in the cloud, or in the two at the same time.

Will it be the default desktop in Asturix 4?

Yes. Expect Asturix 4 for the end of the year. Stay tuned!

Why Archos 101 is going to be officialy supported? Why don't MMMM tablet?

It will be officialy avaliable for Archos 101 because I have only that tablet. It can be ported to your favorite tablet but I don't have your tablet. You can always buy me that tablet!! :P

Will On run on smartphones?

That's a good question. Maybe...