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Asturix On

Asturix On is a desktop environment that is going to be a revolution in the desktop scene. If you're wondering why another desktop more, please read It's all about the desktop, a post I made some time ago explaining my opinion about the future of desktops as we know them.

Web based

HTML5 PoweredAll of the Asturix On user interface is programmed with only web technologies. Yes, just HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. That's pretty cool! Cool for the developer because we can build and extend all the desktop components easily. And cool for the user because the interface results in a highly animated and fresh experience!

Beautiful and simple

Beautiful and simpleWith a small top panel (only 24px height!) you won't be distracted. There aren't oversized docks or tool bars to reduce your display's usable space. With the top panel you can switch tabs, access desktops or monitor system information thanks to indicators. When you are on the desktop, swipe your mouse to access applications, widgets or places. Just work.

Graceful degradation

Graceful degradationDon't worry if you don't have a super-computer with 3D effects. Asturix On will automatically default to a 2D window manager. The user experience is unaffected, so don't hesitate to try Asturix On on an older system.

Tablet capable

Official support for Archos 101 coming soonThe desktop is based on Qt and the UI uses Sencha, two libraries that are touch capable and can be ported to a lot of mobile devices. Now you can try it in your Linux-powered tablet (compiling the code etc.), or wait for official support (just install a package!).
Official support for Archos 101 is coming soon!


Asturix On is still in Alpha. The first and complete version will be announced in a month. The following lists some of the upcoming features: