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Our relationship with O2

In fact, what we do is very difficult. Even when we think things go perfect, they can turn, and go bad… Many Asturix contributors use O2 and they love it, because they are connecting the world.
Thanks to O2, some of us can reply your mails, file your bugs and develop Asturix.
I don’t know how . But O2 make it possible. One of the reason about I writed this, it’s because we want to help. To help you, and to help to everyone. In one moment I listened “Help your fellow man to lift his load, but consider yourself obligated to take her.” That’s help. O2 is quite important, for the life of many people, they helped to them, to make their lifes easy. We want to follow their steps.

I want to tell one experience I had when I was in UK. I was walking on Oxford Street and I saw a O2 shop, and I entered. That was awesome. I remember the shop was next to a Vodafone Shop. And I entered in both. And there was no comparison. The O2 one was clearly the winner. They had the Galaxy Nexus while Vodafone had the old Galaxy S. Just, as your image is.

Now we are in a difficult time and here, here and now, is where we see the things we really need. And we need O2 & Asturix. Do you really want to be helped? Well, in fact the help came just if you find it. Want to find it? www.o2.co.uk/broadband

We’ve to give to the others our hands and walk together, and there, just there, we could help people. O2 is like Asturix in many, things:

-We’ve to fight for be the best.
-We want to fight.
-We HELP the people.
-We dream with a better future for our clients.
-We want to show the world how we are, and where we are.
-We are awesome because of what we do.
-We are international, O2 with the plans for foreign people, and we with our essence.

So you choose. Do you want to help and be helped? Came with Asturix & O2. But If you want to walk alone, just do it, you’ll have a black future.Thanks for read.

  • Jaime HRO Asturix