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  • COPE Radio Interview

    The program "La Tarde" the COPE Radio Station today January 30, 2013 conducted a short interview with Luis Ivan Cuende. Ramon Garcia made some questions about some aspects of Young entrepreneurship and Luis Ivan  recounted his beginnings in the world of Free Software through Asturix Project, which began ...

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  • Asturix by Luis Ivan Cuende, header in Telediario, Rtve News

    On January 26, 2013 in the RTVE newscast in its first edition (15:00) has done a report on entrepreneurship and new opportunities in the field of Information Technology especially oriented to the use of smartphones being the protagonist Luis Ivan Cuende. The story begins with the presentation of Luis Ivan Cuende in Berlin at the conference in Campus Party Europe ("The Young Entrepreneur"), continues with images of

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  • Made in Alava interview

    Podcast of interview with Andrés Goñi to Luis Iván Cuende in the "Made in Alava" program of Radio Vitoria on 12/04/2012. The program fully supports entrepreneurs, broadcast and share their knowledge and ideas. As they say: · "Economics are not numbers, but people. "

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  • Asturix in national television TVE

    Today our server despite its enormous capacity (thanks to our sponsor OVH) has been bowed to the simultaneous arrival of hundreds of thousands of users eager to learn more about Asturix. Due to Luis Ivan Cuende interview that aired on the newscast of 15.00 and also 21.00 hours. For a moment it has been down. Also caught us by surprise at a time when we are renovating parts of the portal. One forum where we ...

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  • Asturix in Cope

    On day 23 January 2012 was broadcast through a radio interview about Asturix with Luis Ivan Cuende from studies of the Cope in Oviedo. Only days after the launch of Asturix 4 and have come back to the 6th position in Distrowatch Luis Ivan speaks of Asturix as a more ambitious project that already has a community increasingly numerous and operational even Asturix OS is still the main protagonist , an operating system increasingly ...

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  • Excellent interview on Radio Parpayuela

    Abigaíl Gómez interview with Luis Iván Cuende for the "Entrepreneurs" Radio Parpayuela. During 24 minutes talking about Asturix On,  HackNow,  HackFwd Buid 07,  Libre Software, Asturix source, etc. Abigail represents the new generation ...

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  • Warm welcome of Junior Enterprises at Euskalduna, Bilbao, to Asturix’s leader

    Youtube video   -    slides The celebration in Bilbao of the XXVIII National Congress of Junior Enterprises gathered more than 200 junior entrepreneurs from Spain and Europe around the theme "bilbONrocking." This event marks the opening of a new era ...

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  • Proyecto Asturix en Cabueñes 2011

    El pasado día 7 de Setiembre 2011 ha tenido lugar el Encuentro "Empleo/Jóvenes ante la crisis" en Cabueñes 2011 (los encuentros internacionales sobre la juventud que se celebran cada año en Gijón),  en el que ha participado Luis Iván Cuende, líder de Proyecto Asturix dentro de la participación de los jóvenes Chanmakers de Ashoka, junto con Ignacio Calviño de Campes, comandados por el legendario José Manuel Pérez, "Pericles", uno de los dos emprendedores ...

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  • En México Maddog habla de Asturix

    Interesante artículo de Gaceta Tecnológica que habla de las últimas apariciones de Asturix en el entorno internacional de la mano de Maddog, tanto en la Campus Party 2011 de España como en la reciente de México. Gaceta Tecnológica es una publicación que da una gran importancia a todo lo importante que acontece en el mundo de las Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones, sobre todo en las relacionadas con el ...

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  • Gran programa de RadioQK con Asturix

    Jamás se había escuchado una entrevista/charla/coloquio con tanto rigor, serena, profunda,... sobre Asturix. Hasta ahora los interlocutores desconocían lo básico sobre el alcance del proyecto y se limitaban a hablar de la edad de su fundador, ...

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