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  • Asturix by Luis Ivan Cuende, header in Telediario, Rtve News

    On January 26, 2013 in the RTVE newscast in its first edition (15:00) has done a report on entrepreneurship and new opportunities in the field of Information Technology especially oriented to the use of smartphones being the protagonist Luis Ivan Cuende. The story begins with the presentation of Luis Ivan Cuende in Berlin at the conference in Campus Party Europe ("The Young Entrepreneur"), continues with images of

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  • Made in Alava interview

    Podcast of interview with Andrés Goñi to Luis Iván Cuende in the "Made in Alava" program of Radio Vitoria on 12/04/2012. The program fully supports entrepreneurs, broadcast and share their knowledge and ideas. As they say: · "Economics are not numbers, but people. "

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  • Asturix Project collaborates with ICT Impulse

    Asturix Project, a technology entrepeneurship partnerships younger and more dynamic in Europe was present at ICT Impulse. After the rapid international expansion of ...

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  • Valencia very important for Asturix again. Luis Iván Cuende participates in the II Business Excellence Forum

    Last year in Valencia happened the beginning of the friendship of Luis Ivan and "Maddog". Because he was able to present Asturix On at the end of his keynote speach. Now Luis Ivan was able to spread his entrepreneurship through the II Business Excellence Forum organized flawlessly by AJE Valencia. The event had a great impact and Cultural and Sport Center La Petxina was filled to the brim. Also spread the news media through the press, ...

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  • Asturix in national television TVE

    Today our server despite its enormous capacity (thanks to our sponsor OVH) has been bowed to the simultaneous arrival of hundreds of thousands of users eager to learn more about Asturix. Due to Luis Ivan Cuende interview that aired on the newscast of 15.00 and also 21.00 hours. For a moment it has been down. Also caught us by surprise at a time when we are renovating parts of the portal. One forum where we ...

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