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  • Thanks OVH

    We are amazed to announce that our partnership with OVH will be extended one year more. All the team was happy about the news, so we decided to publish a post thanking OVH for all. We want to thank their interest on our project, because although we are not a big software project with millions of users, we're a project growing blazing fast. And, obviously they know it. Thanks to Octave Klaba (CEO of OVH) ...

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  • Asturix in Cope

    On day 23 January 2012 was broadcast through a radio interview about Asturix with Luis Ivan Cuende from studies of the Cope in Oviedo. Only days after the launch of Asturix 4 and have come back to the 6th position in Distrowatch Luis Ivan speaks of Asturix as a more ambitious project that already has a community increasingly numerous and operational even Asturix OS is still the main protagonist , an operating system increasingly ...

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  • Objectives are met: more than 20,000 Asturix 4 downloads in January 2012

    Past month of January 2012 has been especially important for Asturix that with the release of version 4 has marked an explosion of downloads of over 20,000 mainly thanks to the innovation of the new desktop Asturix On. From a total of 3,445 cities in 141 countries have downloaded Asturix 4 directly ...

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  • Asturix in the JRO’s install party in Madrid

    Innovation and progress in quality education goes to spread the Free Culture Colegio Ártica's install party with Asturix Teaching students to choose the most appropriate tools for each task or each time, or person ...is so important to ...

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  • Asturix 4: around the world in… two days

    One of the great virtues of Asturix has always been the global vision of users of information systems. Thus, when the innovative Asturix 3 gave the leap into the world with its own personality came to be in the world ranking number 6 in Distrowatch popularity. Today, January 13, 2011 and only ...

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