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Speakers’s presentations:

José Manuel Pérez “Pericles”, Ashoka social entrepreneur “Youth Entrepreneurship, Culture and Technology”

Xandru Cancelas, XandruSoft CEO, “The entrepreneur, born or made?”

Eva Pando, Asturias’s CEEI Manager “Technical feasibility, commercial, human, economic and financial

Carlos Hellin, Programming Area of Asturix Project “Packaging applications”

Flavia & Vérval of Xera “Free Music, concepts and practical methods”

Luis Ivan Cuende, Asturix Project’s leader and founder “Asturix 4 presentation”

Gabriel Vañó, color palette creator, Creative Director of GiveLife Color System

Xandru Cancelas, XandruSoft CEO, “Personal branding”

Sanjay Fernandes,“Arte y Software Libre”