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Asturix 4 review

Video made by Luis Iván Cuende about Asturix 4.

To watch the video “Asturix 4 review“. Asturix official website.

How to create an Asturix flashdrive

With a USB flash drive that contains an Asturix’image you can use the system booting the operating system from the USB. You can even store data in it and do the same on another computer can continue to use the same data.

In case you want to install Asturix on the computer, this USB serves to make as many facilities as you wish.

If you use other operating systems like Windows, for example, it allows you at any given time if your system does not work, you can use the computer booting from USB Asturix and in the case of Windows, due to poor security, you can access all the files you have on the same partition. Even with the tools you already brings Asturix can open most files. If you must a program (such as Skype) you can install it on the fly.


Go to tutorial. Courtesy of Yestilo.

Cómo instalar Asturix 4

Video in Youtube what describes step by step how to install Asturix 4

To see the video: “How to install Asturix 4″. Courtesy of  Miguel Angel López Fuentes.