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Asturix 4

Asturix OS


Asturix 4 is here. Innovative. Usable. Light

Asturix 4 is the most breaking version of Asturix. Some of its features:

  • A new desktop experience. We have developed a new desktop environment to improve usability, productivity and help you stay focused. It just works
  • It has the biggest color palette in the world by default. We signed a partnership with GiveLifeCS so you can enjoy more than 5000 colors when you’re using GIMP, Inkscape or another design apps
  • Previews of all. Now you don’t have to open the full LibreOffice to preview a document. Hit space on any file, with any extension and preview it. It’s all about productivity
  • Social and microblogging networks integrated, such as Twitter, Facebook or Identi.ca
  • Asturix Bridge lets you to add, remove and execute web applications as native applications
  • Chromium web browser, LibreOffice, GIMP, Clementine, VLC… it has all the apps you want to find in a default install. Plus you can install tons of apps from the Software Center
  • Libre and free music thanks to Jamendo bundled into the music player Clementine, and it’s legal!
  • Cool workspace management with Super+S keys


  • Recomended: 1GB of RAM and 10 GB of HD
  • Minimun: 512 MB of RAM and 5 GB of HD


Download (from RedIRIS)

Download (from OVH)

This version should work on most types of computers

Download (from RedIRIS)

Download (from OVH)

This version will work on 64bits computers

You can buy CDs with Asturix from that ship worldwide at LinuxCD