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Asturix in national television TVE

Posted at October 25, 2012 | By : | Categories : Medios,News | 1 Comment

Today our server despite its enormous capacity (thanks to our sponsor OVH) has been bowed to the simultaneous arrival of hundreds of thousands of users eager to learn more about Asturix. Due to Luis Ivan Cuende interview that aired on the newscast of 15.00 and also 21.00 hours. For a moment it has been down. Also caught us by surprise at a time when we are renovating parts of the portal. One forum where we have a problem that will take a few days to resolve. People Asturix Also, our Democracy Project in which we are changing the direction of content (before was in a domain Lietchtenstein – peop.li -) to move it to our server.
TVE has gone up the program in the section “A la carta“. You can instantly locate from 43:35 (15:00) 52:12(21:00).

En el de las 21:00 horas, presentacion 35:31 a 35:50 y reportaje 52:12 a 53:23.


  • Javier

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    Impresionante Luis, hay que probar asturix! lo descargo ya a verlo… te he conocido hoy en el telediario, me he quedado asombrado de que siendo tan joven ya estés haciendo estas cosas…

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